Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation - IOT

.. keywords, triggering controversial discussions and yet, no one doubts that fundamental changes are taking place. This is driven by evolving technology and associated tailored service offerings. Cloud, XaaS and Managed Services are innovative business solutions complementing traditional outsourcing.

Cost is a major factor, but often time to market is even more critical. The role of classic internal IT is at a breaking point. The Agile Enterprise needs dynamic, innovative ICT services, provided more and more by multiple external suppliers. The Internal IT has to transform from a System Operator to a Service Integrator. 

In addition to the technical competence, superior administration and management skills are essential for the Service Integrator. It is important to monitor and control the entire service supply chain of external and internal service provides as well as the processes involved. Performance in time and quality must be ensured to meet requirements. 

Enterprise Service and Process  Management becomes a key competence.

What is your role, which are your main objectives?

You are a Service Supplier / Service Provider

You sell ICT or other services to your customers. You have to deliver the services according to expectations and to proactively make your service performance transparent.

It is essential to have service agreements in place that correspond with your customer‘s expectations. In case of frustrated customers, it must become obvious whether a deficit in service or inadequate SLAs are causing dissatisfaction. 

You are a Service Client/ Provider Management

You receive ICT services from external suppliers. Your job is to evaluate these services and to manage your service providers. Being aware of service agreements and your provider’s service performance is essential. Without SLA related information you cannot objectively evaluate and control your suppliers  in a Provider Management environment.  fusionPOINT will help you set up a transparent performance controlling to properly assess your suppliers’ services. We also support you in defining new SLAs as well as renegotiating your current SLA estate.